Sculpted Nail Form Extentions



Nail extensions have always been around for a long time now, but have you heard of extending your natural nails, without using the traditional tips and glue method? That’s right! You can extend your nails without using plastic tips or a single drop of harmful nail glue! It’s called sculpted nail form extensions. Basically how they’re done is by sticking the “form sticker” directly under the natural free edge of each nail to act as a platform, then gel is applied right onto the nail and the form sticker to your desired nail thickness and length.  Once the gel is cured, the form sticker is removed and you will be left with a longer nail without the use of a tip. This allows the nail to be completely smooth. It creates a much stronger bond to the nail which helps to prevent the nail from cracking or snapping in half. Refills are done the same way, typically in about 3-4 weeks. Needless to say that once you’ve tried this method, there’s no going back!

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Sculpted Nails

Natural Looking Eyelash Extentions

What woman doesn’t want a pair of fabulous and flirty individual mink eyelash extensions? They are currently one of the most talked about beauty services available!  They are individually glued to each one of your existing upper eyelashes. This is done with an cyanoacrylate based glue, which is similar to a surgical adhesive. The eyelash extensions are applied to add length and fullness to your own lashes. We offer eyelashes in many different lengths, for both natural and accentuated looks. You can do an all over long length to achieve a “round eye” look, this is good for smaller eye shapes to make them stand out. Another option is to start from a shorter length in the inner eye and gradually longer length towards the outer eyes to achieve a more sultry “cat eye” look. For your day time look, having them applied is also a great way to minimize the amount of makeup you would need to apply. For evening looks, you can “dress it up” with smokey eyes to emphasize your look. I always have them done for events, such as weddings, vacations, birthdays etc. I especially love them in the summer since you can swim with them, and wear little or no makeup, so no need to worry about it melting off your face! Individual mink eyelashes are the most natural looking, they are really over powering the use of old fashion strip lashes, lengthening serums, and mascaras. Individual lashes definitely come with a little bit of commitment. They require brushing (with a clean mascara wand) every morning, using oil-free makeup remover carefully around the eyes, and of course re-fills. A full set is typically 1.5 hour application, and fills take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Extensions can last up to 4 weeks, they simply fall out one by one along with your natural lashes. Usually we recommend a fill every 3-4 weeks. Pads are placed over your lower lashes to protect them, with your eyes closed. Using fine tweezers, the technician carefully applies lashes one millimetre above the root of your lash. Lashes should be applied only individually. “Stacking” is a term when 2 or 3 lashes are applied at once, this can be harmful as the weight is too much to handle. For many people, their biggest concern is wondering will their own lashes be in the same condition when they decide to eventually have the lashes removed? The answer is YES! At all costs you must avoid picking at your lashes. They must be removed professionally, which we offer free of charge to clients who are having the full set put on, and are having weekly or monthly refills. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call in and speak to one of our experts! If you haven’t tried out individual lashes yet, you are missing out! Give them a try when you have that next big occasion!

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Spray Tans: The Healthier Tan Alternative

Spray tanning is an essential skin care treatment, and a great anti-aging tanning option. Our Tan Treat N Glow(TTnG) has a dose of powerful natural ingredients that moisturizes, restores, renews, and firms the skin. An added benefit is that “looking tan” is the hottest accessory you can own right now. Everyone always looks better when they have a little bit more colour. Our self tanning expert, Evelyn Lucaci, is here to explain the benefits and process of our spray tanning services. We all are aware that tanning beds and sitting out in the sun is bad for your health, so a much better way to achieve this look for a beautiful bronze glow is spray tanning! TTnG is healthy and natural, it uses organic botanical ingredients that work with your skin to produce a beautiful glow. TTnG helps to disguise visual imperfections such as fine lines, age spots, discoloration, blemishes, acne scars, conceal cellulite, etc. It is a great treatment all year around to enhance your appearance, perfect for parties, weddings, and all types of events. Our TTnG tanning system differs from other companies as it has advanced micro mist technology. Now that you’ve got all your info on this amazing treatment, let me explain how the process works. First of all, the number one detail to remember is to shower, shave, and exfoliate your ENTIRE body before your session. It’s best to wear loose dark clothing, to make sure any additional colour doesn’t rub off onto your light coloured clothes. There are many shades of skin tones that are available to choose from. Our spray tanning system is a mist applied directly to each area on the body, and two coats are applied in each application. After your session, you must avoid showering, rain, sweating, or any exposure to water for up to 8 hours. No super tight or white colour clothing for at least 24 hours. Be sure to moisturize your entire body twice daily for one week. The glow could last you up to two weeks, if maintained properly. At last but not least, ENJOY every bit of your amazing new look! Can’t wait to see ya soon!

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Fairview Mall Holiday Fun

It’s almost that time of the year again! Need a way for conquering all of your retail Holiday tasks? This year the key is to beat the holiday rush, and enjoy yourself while doing so! Fairview Mall starts their holiday hours beginning of December. You can find the exact times on the Fairview Mall website, along with Holiday Promos for many of the stores. If you happen to be a morning person, grab your Starbucks and take full advantage of no line ups, undivided attention from store associates, and most importantly, PLENTY of parking.
It’s time to hit up all the hot spots, let’s start with women’s fashion. We have the more lux brands like Aritzia, where the clothes are always fashionable, and made with superb quality. Forever 21 for more affordable apparel that’s up to date with the latest trends. Zara, Jack and Jones, and Sports Check are great places to find something for the men. For all the gift basket fillers you need to get, you must hit up Bath and Body Works, they have the best sales during the holiday season. Moxie’s is a great place to stop by for lunch, it’s a relaxed, modern dining spot, with a very extensive menu that has something for everyone.
Everyone needs their hair done for the holidays, come on by to DeBerardinis. Whether it be a hair cut, hair colour, or formal up-do’s for your holiday parties, we want to make you look and feel fabulous! Want to pamper yourself even more? We also offer any spa service you need, including manicures and pedicures. Afterall, you do need to treat yourself after all your shopping cardio!
Finally, after you’re all dolled up, just in time to meet up with friends or family, don’t forget to stop and take your pictures with Santa!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,
XOXO the DeBerardinis Salon & Spa team.


With over 17 years experience creating nail art for editorials, campaigns, and celebrities alike, Nicole LeBlanc’s name has become synonymous with precision and detail-orientated design. Her creativity has graced the pages of such magazines as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Fashion. This resume, in addition to an impressive celebrity client list that includes Lady Gaga, Catherine Zeta Zones, Rihanna, Fergie, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes, Helen Hunt and Marion Cottilard, has made her one of Toronto’s most sought-after artists. Her flawless manicures have appeared in ad campaigns for Holt Renfrew, Bonne Bell, Sally Hansen, The Bay, and Danier Leather. She has also been called upon for televisions Canada’s Next Top Model, and The Shopping Channel. Nicole has perfected a technique that allows her to create a flawless, and long-lasting polish. Her secret, she claims, is all about how the brush applies the polish to the nail that makes the difference. Clients love the creativity, consistency, and professionalism that she brings to every set, which has secured her as a mainstay in the industry. Call to book your appointment with Nicole today at Deberardinis Salon & Spa !


Naomi Watts Kate Bosworth

Naomi Watts Kate Bosworth

Why Nails Hate Winter

services-3Two words: moisture loss. “Healthy nails contain 18 percent water on average,” says Erin Gilbert, a New York City dermatologist. “In winter, you’re constantly moving between the hot, dry air indoors and the freezing temperatures outdoors. These extremes can reduce the moisture level in your nails, leaving them dehydrated.” Dried-out nails are more likely to break, split, and chip. Compounding the harsh climate conditions are stressors such as hot showers (water draws moisture from nails as it evaporates from skin) and drying products, like polish removers with acetone, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and dishwashing liquid. “Washing dishes is just about the worst activity for nails,” says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. Time to break out the rubber gloves.

The Protection Plan

Intense hydration is the name of the game. Nails are made up of flattened dead cells containing keratin, but moisturizers can make them flexible, supple, and less likely to split and break. So when you reach for that rich winter hand cream (which you should apply after every hand washing), get in the habit of slathering your nails, too. If you have polish on, just massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth.