Creation of Beauty is Art

From 1980 cap highlights, to 2018 balayage we can definitely say we’ve come a long way. Over the years the trends have changed and adapted to keep up with the high demanding beauty standards. Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep their hair in such great condition? The secret is so simple. OLAPLEX!! This 7 letter secret is formulated to rebuild broken hair/bonds and keeps your hair from feeling like hay. Olaplex comes in a 3 step process. Step #1 is to add two drops in the lightener. Step #2 is a treatment that’s done at the sink just before the shampoo. We also sell Olaplex Step #3 which is a take home treatment. This can be used once a week in between chemical services to help strengthen hair. We always highly recommend the use of Olaplex for each bleaching process, especially if your end goal is a platinum blonde or silver colour. Come into DeBerardinis and talk to a colourist to help find the colour that will truly brings out the beauty of your eyes and face. We can always help make suggestions and do our best to find what suits your look and style. Our trained professional colourists will consult with you and find the colour that truly makes you the woman or man you always were inside and out.

Les Tini

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Web feature: Q & A about Wispy bangs with Olga Rodriguez

Enjoy a deep look into what kind of commitment having a fringe (aka BANGS) really is





Seasons Greetings To Everyone!

December is quickly creeping up, it’s just around the corner. Is your hair ready for the Christmas Season? Here at Deberardinis Salon & Spa located at Fairview Mall, we are ready to give your hair the makeover it needs. Our experienced hairstylists got you covered for all of your holiday events. Whether it be with family, friends, work parties, or all the other fun things you have planned. Our lovely colour technicians will leave you mesmerized with your hair transformation. We have amazing nail technicians who have got your back to get your nails on point for the holiday festivities.


In case you’re looking for gift ideas, we have Kerastase holiday gift boxes where you purchase two products & the third one comes free! We also have professional blow driers, hair straightainers, curlers, etc. perfect for hair lovers. We have our professional skin care line Guinot, with great holiday gift sets which have got you covered for all your skin care needs in these dry winter months. And if you are still stumped on gift ideas we also offer gift certificates.


Come stop by to have a relaxing time getting your hair and nails done while taking a break from shopping duty. Don’t forget to splurge a little on yourself, after all Christmas is about making everyone happy including yourself! So what are you waiting for? Call and Book your appointment NOW at (416)491-9551 and secure yourself some pamper time!


Maria Dewan
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Back to School Hair

Top kids back to school hair styles!
Back to school always calls for new looks, and new hairstyles. We are so over the boring old ponytail look, why not try sprucing it up a little? Double pony tails, twists, braids, hair buns..the options are endless! When I’m doing kids cuts, mothers always ask me to help show them how to do simple braids to spruce up their daughter’s hair. I show them easy hair styles that they are able to do themselves without much practise. Once you really get the hang of it, everyone is going to want to know your tricks!
Here are some great ideas for everyday super cute hairstyles:
Double pony tail
 Double or single side braid with side ponytail
Two cross over braids
Back braid with loose hair, can be straight or curled for a more fancy look


This season trees aren’t the only thing being decorated and bejeweled. With the New Year coming why not try a new trend. Some of the newest looks are a true form of art and creativity; for both men and women alike. Glitter roots have been around the hair circuit mainly for music festival goers. But for this holiday season why not pair up some nice braids and a pop of color with glitter. And for the men glitter beards have been trending along with beard ornaments; those still have room to grow in popularity thou. Also the newest trend Instant tint temporary sprays with stencil work have been turning your holiday hair bows and hair bands into old news. And for those of you who are not into glitter but still want a pop of colour why not try a festive streak? Ladies and men of all ages have been adding small colour accent pieces to spruce up their look. Even if you don’t want a permanent piece you can always add a color extension for versatility.

If glitter and colour pops are still not your cup of a tea; some soft swept looks can always make your look elegant for those holiday parties. For the girls some cute curls and perhaps a hair bow, literally can dress up any look. Braids and loose curls paired with a nice broach to match your outfit is always a simple yet classic look to make you feel extra festive. Whatever your style and hair requests feel reassured that our team can fill your hair needs.

Olga Rodriguez

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style-1 style2 style-3 style-4 new-years-hair

These days we all love change, and get bored pretty easily. Therefore we are constantly changing our look from our clothes, our makeup, and especially our hair. We go lighter to darker and back to light again. These processes can be quite damaging on our hair, along with the damage from hot tools, and even the elements outside. We all want to maintain the healthiest hair that we can.  When olaplex came out it changed the hair game for the better!!! We are now able to push the boundaries further then before, and it’s all because of the chemistry that has gone into making these great products. When we lighten hair what we are doing is breaking down the bonds in the individual hair strands. That is what creates the damage. When we use Olaplex or the Goldwell Bondpro+, what’s happening is it’s keeping some of your bonds intact, so your hair remains stronger and healthier then without the treatments. It’s a 2 step treatment in the salon while your hair is being lightened. Then there is a 3rd step that you can purchase to take home to help maintain the strength of your hair. If you are one of these individuals that enjoy changing your hair up, I highly recommend always including one of these treatments with your service for your best results.


Jacquiline Hughes

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Fashionista children of the future

Long gone are the bowl cuts from mom in the kitchen those dull scissors that are usually cutting vegetables being repurposed as cutting sheers, your mom reassuring herself that she can do this and it will look good. These kids of 2016 have evolved into young men and women with the way they dress, talk, interact with each other, music they listen to and their surroundings. With the technology we have now kids are smarter than ever before having all the knowledge of the world at their little fingertips.

Yesterday I found myself having a very intellectual conversation in my salon chair, at the end of the haircut I asked the young man how old he was and he proudly said 9. He didn’t need his parents for a consultation he knew exactly what he wanted, sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what someone twice his age wants. For some reason when we were all that age we were constantly lying about it making ourselves older because we all looked so young. Most of us cringe at the sight of a childhood photo in the future these kids will display them proudly.

So where is the root of all this? Fashionable celebrities that grew up and had kids of their own have moulded them to have the same type of style. It’s easy to say we all look to celebs to find out what’s in style they are the ones who are attending fashion shows and have 10 people who they consult with so why not copy them? I really started to see young boys caring about their haircuts around the time of  “the justin bieber” style short edgy sides with long bangs pushing forward, moms and kids everywhere went nuts for this one half of them didn’t want to admit that was the cut they were asking for but described it to the tee. With the craze of The Hunger Games came “the Katniss Everdeen” little girls everywhere asking to grow their hair long and learn different braids. Over the past year lots of young boys asking for “the Josh Donaldson” I’m not really into baseball but quickly searched the name before anyone could realize that I didn’t know who he was talking about.  So far in 2016 lots of young girls asking me to cut long bobs on them I was wondering where it came from until one said “the Kylie Jenner”.

I think for the most part it’s great to see kids evolving but like anything it can get a bit carried away as well. Next time you catch yourself eyeballing a kid because they are dressed better then you instead of getting mad and saying “how old are they? 5 or 35? Just think they will never know what it’s like to grow up without computers, smart phones and ugly school photos.

Sarah Wannis


Deberardinis Salon & Spa


kylie-jenner        josh-donaldson-hair


Get Glam Prom Hair 2016


Get Glam! 2016 Prom Night Picks!
We’re going to show you the top 3 2016 Prom hair trends! The most important thing to remember when choosing your hair style, is to pick one that will best compliment your dress, and doesn’t compete with it. It’s always a good idea to pick a style that works well with your hair texture. Your stylist will have all the amazing products to keep your look lasting long even with all the dancing! If your hair is pin straight, you already know the struggle to keep super tight curls that just won’t hold. Instead, you can opt for a full or half up do, add in some braids, some loose waves, the options are endless! Hair accessories are a fun way to glam up your look! Check out Forever 21, Claires, or even online on Etsy for some really cute hair pieces. Something else to consider is to choose a style you feel comfortable in. Loose hair around the face works for some people, while others shine is a polished slicked back style. (Tip: it’s always good to bring pictures with you to show your stylist exactly what you want!)


  1. Hollywood Glam Waves (finger waves)


  1. Pinned/braided to the side


  2. Slicked back



Our favourite makeup choices:

For the Eyes: Soft smokey eyes, winged liner, big lashes

For the lips: Pale pinks, nude shades, or the dramatic and beautiful dark bold lips



We have our featured Princess for a Night: Prom Special! The package includes an Updo or formal hair style, makeup application, and a nail polish application! Don’t forget to book in advance before spots are all taken! Can’t wait to see you beautys for your special night! XO!



Did you know that it has been scientically proven that you can slow down the aging process  up to 10 years by taking care of your skin? During these cold winter months we are always looking for new ways to keep our skin from becoming dry, flaky, and dull. Our Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure which is used to remove our outermost layer of dead skin cells. Our expert medicial aesthetician Mojgan will fill you in on all you need to know to get even more beautiful & youthful skin!
For starters, Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion is quick, safe, and very effective for all skin types. There is no downtime, or discomfort. A microdermabrasion starts with cleansing and toning of the skin. If exractions are required they will be performed very lightly, followed by a very gentle massage. A mask(hydrating, lifting, collagen, etc.) will be applied and left on for approximately 10-15 minutes. To finish off the service, a face protection cream with SPF will be also be applied, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You will notice results after just one treatment! With continuous sessions, your skin will appear softer, brighter, smoother, and younger looking!
At Deberardinis, we use only FDA approved microdermabrasion systems. The diamond tip microdermabrasion has proven results to reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin, enlarged pores, blemishes, and it also helps to even out skin tones. Typically our treatments are approximately 1 hour procedure. They are performed anywhere between 3-4 week intervals depending on your skin type, however once a month is recommended to achieve and maintain the best results. Once everything is complete, we will recommend home care products based on what your skin needs for the absolute best results!
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Natural Looking Eyelash Extentions

What woman doesn’t want a pair of fabulous and flirty individual mink eyelash extensions? They are currently one of the most talked about beauty services available!  They are individually glued to each one of your existing upper eyelashes. This is done with an cyanoacrylate based glue, which is similar to a surgical adhesive. The eyelash extensions are applied to add length and fullness to your own lashes. We offer eyelashes in many different lengths, for both natural and accentuated looks. You can do an all over long length to achieve a “round eye” look, this is good for smaller eye shapes to make them stand out. Another option is to start from a shorter length in the inner eye and gradually longer length towards the outer eyes to achieve a more sultry “cat eye” look. For your day time look, having them applied is also a great way to minimize the amount of makeup you would need to apply. For evening looks, you can “dress it up” with smokey eyes to emphasize your look. I always have them done for events, such as weddings, vacations, birthdays etc. I especially love them in the summer since you can swim with them, and wear little or no makeup, so no need to worry about it melting off your face! Individual mink eyelashes are the most natural looking, they are really over powering the use of old fashion strip lashes, lengthening serums, and mascaras. Individual lashes definitely come with a little bit of commitment. They require brushing (with a clean mascara wand) every morning, using oil-free makeup remover carefully around the eyes, and of course re-fills. A full set is typically 1.5 hour application, and fills take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Extensions can last up to 4 weeks, they simply fall out one by one along with your natural lashes. Usually we recommend a fill every 3-4 weeks. Pads are placed over your lower lashes to protect them, with your eyes closed. Using fine tweezers, the technician carefully applies lashes one millimetre above the root of your lash. Lashes should be applied only individually. “Stacking” is a term when 2 or 3 lashes are applied at once, this can be harmful as the weight is too much to handle. For many people, their biggest concern is wondering will their own lashes be in the same condition when they decide to eventually have the lashes removed? The answer is YES! At all costs you must avoid picking at your lashes. They must be removed professionally, which we offer free of charge to clients who are having the full set put on, and are having weekly or monthly refills. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call in and speak to one of our experts! If you haven’t tried out individual lashes yet, you are missing out! Give them a try when you have that next big occasion!

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