Anti-Aging Tan Mist

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Tanning Treatment. Tan Treatr ‘N Glow unique formula is designed to address the overall health of your skin by ensuring it receives a dose of powerful natural ingredients that moisturizes, restores, renews and firms the skin…providing your skin with Omega 7, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and aloe for natural hydration, white tea and green tea extracts, coconut oil and vanilla.

Before your Mist Tan Session

  • shower, exfoliate, shave- arrive to session with dry clean skin.
  • remove moisturizer, body lotion, perfume, deodorant, makeup,sunscreen
  • wear dark, loose fitting clothing, bathing suit, loose socks or flip-flops to Spa
  • do not wear white clothing, tight clothing, bras, wristbands
  • have a manicure or pedicure before treatment

After your Mist Tan Session

  • Avoid showering, rain, sweating and exposure to water for eight hours
  • Do not wear white clothing for 24 hrs
  • Moisturize entire body twice a day to hold the tan
  • Avoid hot tubs, jacuzzis, chlorine, and very long hot shower