Fashionista children of the future

Long gone are the bowl cuts from mom in the kitchen those dull scissors that are usually cutting vegetables being repurposed as cutting sheers, your mom reassuring herself that she can do this and it will look good. These kids of 2016 have evolved into young men and women with the way they dress, talk, interact with each other, music they listen to and their surroundings. With the technology we have now kids are smarter than ever before having all the knowledge of the world at their little fingertips.

Yesterday I found myself having a very intellectual conversation in my salon chair, at the end of the haircut I asked the young man how old he was and he proudly said 9. He didn’t need his parents for a consultation he knew exactly what he wanted, sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what someone twice his age wants. For some reason when we were all that age we were constantly lying about it making ourselves older because we all looked so young. Most of us cringe at the sight of a childhood photo in the future these kids will display them proudly.

So where is the root of all this? Fashionable celebrities that grew up and had kids of their own have moulded them to have the same type of style. It’s easy to say we all look to celebs to find out what’s in style they are the ones who are attending fashion shows and have 10 people who they consult with so why not copy them? I really started to see young boys caring about their haircuts around the time of  “the justin bieber” style short edgy sides with long bangs pushing forward, moms and kids everywhere went nuts for this one half of them didn’t want to admit that was the cut they were asking for but described it to the tee. With the craze of The Hunger Games came “the Katniss Everdeen” little girls everywhere asking to grow their hair long and learn different braids. Over the past year lots of young boys asking for “the Josh Donaldson” I’m not really into baseball but quickly searched the name before anyone could realize that I didn’t know who he was talking about.  So far in 2016 lots of young girls asking me to cut long bobs on them I was wondering where it came from until one said “the Kylie Jenner”.

I think for the most part it’s great to see kids evolving but like anything it can get a bit carried away as well. Next time you catch yourself eyeballing a kid because they are dressed better then you instead of getting mad and saying “how old are they? 5 or 35? Just think they will never know what it’s like to grow up without computers, smart phones and ugly school photos.

Sarah Wannis


Deberardinis Salon & Spa


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