The importance of using Olaplex/Goldwell Bondpro+ treatments when lightening your hair

These days we all love change, and get bored pretty easily. Therefore we are constantly changing our look from our clothes, our makeup, and especially our hair. We go lighter to darker and back to light again. These processes can be quite damaging on our hair, along with the damage from hot tools, and even the elements outside. We all want to maintain the healthiest hair that we can.  When olaplex came out it changed the hair game for the better!!! We are now able to push the boundaries further then before, and it’s all because of the chemistry that has gone into making these great products. When we lighten hair what we are doing is breaking down the bonds in the individual hair strands. That is what creates the damage. When we use Olaplex or the Goldwell Bondpro+, what’s happening is it’s keeping some of your bonds intact, so your hair remains stronger and healthier then without the treatments. It’s a 2 step treatment in the salon while your hair is being lightened. Then there is a 3rd step that you can purchase to take home to help maintain the strength of your hair. If you are one of these individuals that enjoy changing your hair up, I highly recommend always including one of these treatments with your service for your best results.


Jacquiline Hughes

Deberardinis Salon & Spa olaplexbondpro